Citizens of the Book #34: The Apocalypses and the Land of Memory


Participate in the event ""Citizens of the Book #34: The Apocalypses"" on November 3, 2021. It's an opportunity to get together for a collective and cultural approach to a subject that has fascinated humanity throughout history. Do you know dystopias?

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A collective and cultural exhibition

For more than a year, the Land of Memory team has collected more than a hundred responses to different questions. “Why resist today? Against what? How? Who continues to inspire us?”

The Trucothèque of Our Resistances exhibition brings together many different writings, paintings, drawings, interviews, objects, etc. The floor is given to those who wish to participate through these cultural elements. You can discover more than a hundred reactions to these questions throughout the exhibition.

A subject that touches us

During the exhibition, one subject particularly touches us. On November 3, 2021, the event “Citoyen-ne-s du livre #34 : Les Apocalypses” or “Citizens of the book #34: The Apocalypses” will take place at the George Orwell Library in Liège starting at 6pm. During this evening, the themes of dystopias, alternative history, and current crises will be discussed. These are topics that may not seem very cheerful, but they will open up constructive and even encouraging discussions about these social issues.

Throughout time and history, man has always imagined the end of the world. This theme appears in stories, literature, and artistic representations ranging from plays to anarchist paintings, cinema, etc. The current and historical crises have been numerous, maintaining this interest around the apocalypse. Today, there is a lot of talk about environmental, sanitary, political, social, and economic crises. These subjects do not seem to promise a bright future. And yet…

The event “Citizens of the book #34: The Apocalypses” invites you to bring your own perspectiveon these issues that are more than ever relevant today. The goal is not to feel depressed together or feel sorry for humanity’s fate. But on the contrary, to fight negative emotions by exchanging all together around these cultural topics.

Elements that can enlighten us on the dysfunctions of our world push us to be indignant and paradoxically reverse the paradigm by giving us ideas to write the story of a positive utopia to build here and now!

We invite you to a meeting to discuss and exchange around themes like history and politics. But also to share your cultural discoveries with other readers through novels, comics, essays, or via the 7th art, documentaries, and exhibitions. So come and discover the favorites and the rants of other readers and share yours in a friendly way!

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