Conference: “The fight of Bodange: a handful of Ardennes hunters”

Photo de la bataille de Bodange : les Allemands contre les Chasseurs Ardennnais

On October 15, 2022, historian and writer Hughes Wenkin will be present at the cultural space of the Baillet-Latour Museum in Latour for his conference: "The Battle of Bodange: A handful of Ardennes hunters, May 10, 1940 ."

The 15 October 2022

The speaker

Historian and writer Hughes Wenkin is the author of numerous books devoted to the two world wars and mechanized warfare.

He actively participates in the editing of several French historical reviews. He is also responsible for “MOOK 44” for Editions Weyrich. This series of books is primarily dedicated to the events that took place in the region in 1944/45.

To immerse yourself in the Battles of the Bulge before the conference, you can consult this free guide, which summarizes the facts thanks to very clear maps.

The facts

On the morning of May 10, 1940, the German General Guderian planned to eliminate the Belgian defenses in the southern Ardennes. His “Panzer Korps” objective was to cross the Ardennes massif quickly, considered impassable, and to cross the Meuse River. During the first wave of the assault, a handful of Belgian soldiers blocked the German forces at Martelange. Guderian was confronted by the second battalion of the first regiment of Ardennes Hunters, or Ardennes Chasseurs: the elite in the green beret of the Belgian army.

After three lost hours, a few kilometers away, the first Panzer Division faced another test of strength in the small village of Bodange. The Ardennes Hunters resisted for so long that they jeopardized the precise timing of crossing the Meuse River at Sedan.

A fascinating conference on a little-known subject

Hugues Wenkin will begin by presenting the context and the plans of the different belligerents. He will then give a detailed account of what this battle was like. Indeed, the Battle of Bodange is considered one of the most remarkable feats of arms of the “18 Days Campaign.” In addition, he will detail the repercussions that it had on the events that followed.

If you wish to learn more about the Battle of the Bulge before the conference, don’t hesitate to consult the historic sites and tourist routes related to this subject.

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Useful information

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Telephone 0497 73 64 63 ou 0496 71 29 90

And more information...

This conference will take place on October 15, 2022 at 8:00 pm at the cultural space of the Baillet-Latour museum in Latour. You can reserve by phone or by mail. Entrance fee: 6/4 €.
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