Exhibition: Women Resistance Fighters, 1936-1945

In connection with the exhibition Paths of Exile, this exhibition focuses on women and their courageous acts. The exhibition brings together the destinies of several different women during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War.

From 8 April 2022
to 28 April 2022

The courage of women

Often, the acts of men are highlighted more than those of women. However, although women were rarely on the battlefields, they resisted behind the front lines and acted in the shadows. Whether it was during the Spanish Civil War or during the Second World War, many women with different socio-cultural profiles joined forces to resist the injustices of war and society. In fact, we find the path of militia women, politicians, deported women, or workers behind the battlefields. This exhibition highlights their most courageous actions, down to the smallest gestures, in the service of the fight for freedom and anti-fascism. This international project traces a documentary and photographic path of women’s resistance in the fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War.

Complete your visit: Paths of Exile

As mentioned above, the exhibition Women Resistants can be visited in addition to the exhibition dealing with the Retirada. The Cité Miroir offers the visit of both collections for the price of one euro. An opportunity to learn more about two subjects often forgotten in the study of our history. The exhibition Women Resistants was made possible thanks to the involvement of the Recovery of the Spanish Historical Memory (ARMH).

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