After their annual closure for a month, the memorial sites of Verdun and its battlefield are once again open and welcoming visitors! It's the perfect opportunity to discover (or re-discover) the history of one of the most critical battles of the Great War.

The 1 February 2022

Verdun offers many meaningful historical sites to visit. The city is rich in history and has experienced many events related to the Great War. On-site, you can immerse yourself in the memories linked to the territory and experience the strong emotions linked to our history through the different memorial sites of Verdun.

The different memorial sites of Verdun reopen in February

February 1:
Verdun Subterranean Citadel
Verdun Memorial
Douaumont Fort
Vaux Fort

February 5:
Verdun Ossuary

The museum in the heart of the trenches

The Verdun Memorial Museum is located in the hills of the legendary 1916 battle. The natural site that surrounds the museum is still marked by past tragedy and is full of emotions. The setting, the collections: everything takes us back in time to the Great War, to help us relive an intense experience. The Verdun Memorial is a must for all enthusiasts of the Great War, who seek to better understand, and even feel the emotions of the battle of Verdun.

The Verdun Memorial offers a very rich collection, which allows you to discover all aspects of the First World War. Numerous period objects transport us into the life of the common soldiers of the Great War. We discover with passion and sometimes with pain, the living conditions of the conscripts through objects of “life” at the front. However, the Memorial does not only highlight the soldiers. A large part of the collection reveals life behind the lines. Thus, we discover children’s toys and many patriotic objects that were common during this period. These simple objects touch our hearts with their profound and simple poignancy. The Memorial brings to light all the facets of the life of the population during wartime.

Moreover, the Memorial offers an amazing immersive experience. You will be transported directly to the heart of the landscape of the battle of Verdun through virtual reality. We discover locations before, during, and after the war. We can then see, first the calm, then the anxiety of the war, and finally the irreversible damage caused to the landscape and the survivors.

A unique visit to the heart of history

The Citadel of Verdun is a symbolic and strategic place of the Battle of Verdun, nestled in the stones. A visit like no other, during which we walk through the subterranean galleries thanks to augmented reality. This place of memory immerses us in the life of soldiers, 16 meters under the rock, during the war. A truly unique experience!

Impressive forts

Fort Douaumont and Fort Vaux are two important sites that you can visit in Verdun. These two forts have experienced important and striking battles. On the spot, you can learn more about the events of our past that helped build our history. We dive into the heart of the action, and especially into the heart of history.

Fort Douaumont is a relic of the First World War. It is one of the most powerful works and symbols of the Battle of Verdun. More than a flashback, a visit here really plunges us in the heart of a legendary confrontation, and tells us more about those heros who lost their lives there.

As the starting point of the Battle of Verdun, Fort Vaux remains one of the symbols of the fighting of the front line soldiers who were driven by a sense of duty. A visit to the fort retraces the admirable story of Commander Raynal and his men. Under siege for seven days, they fought relentlessly until they were overcome by thirst.

A tribute to the fallen

The Douaumont Ossuary plunges us into a particularly emotional experience. It’s a majestic monument, which pays tribute to all the unidentified soldiers found on the battlefield of Verdun. All nationalities and all divisions are gathered there without distinction. The monument is a true symbol of peace and reconciliation.

You can visit all of these memorial sites in Verdun again! You are welcome to live an intense experience and immerse yourself in the daily life of the soldiers of the Great War.

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