The Saint Nicholas of Wiltz


In the darkest times, sometimes the most beautiful gestures come out. This was the case of the traditional Saint Nicholas celebration in Wiltz, which has been commemorated through the years. A beautiful gesture that the inhabitants honor every year, which gave rise to a magical evening not to be missed to discover the village of Wiltz.

From 5 December 2021
to 6 December 2021

A beautiful and emotional tradition

The Wiltz Saint Nicholas Day celebrations are part of the traditional “Liichtwochen,” literally “week of light,” which takes place every year in the small Luxembourg town of Wiltz. This festival has taken place every year since 1944.

That year, Wiltz, which was a center of resistance, suffered brutal reprisals that cost the lives of many inhabitants. For Christmas, the soldiers of the American 28th Infantry Division housed in the communal castle decided to organize a collection of gifts for the village’s children. At the end of the war, some Wiltzois merchants founded the Saint Nicolas Charity, which has continued this tradition since then, thanks to the support of the town’s businesses.

Come and discover the small village of Wiltz decorated and animated for the occasion. You will have the chance to meet the patron saint of schoolchildren. If you’ve been nice, you might get a surprise.

Saint Nicholas in Wiltz.

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