Visit Fort Battice and its museum

Le fort de Battice.

Visit Fort Battice above ground, but also underground! A visit that will make you shiver while discovering a site that has witnessed many battles. You will be able to relive certain scenes of the war, and you will be able to imagine what the daily life of the soldiers and the inhabitants was like. Visit, but above all feel. It is a place that will not leave you indifferent!

The 27 November 2021

A visit 35 meters underground

Visit a fort where you can dive 35 meters underground! There are many preserved and some completely restored infrastructures in the fort. For example machine guns or the demonstration of a turret with 2 75 mm guns, but also pictorial frescos in the subterranean barracks which testify to the rich and vital history of this place of rememberance. Built in the 1930s, the fort withstood a 12-day siege by German heavy artillery and aircraft attacks in May 1940. You can still see the extent of the damage caused by a deadly bomb in the small museum installed there.

Every last Saturday of the month (from June to November), a guided tour is organized at 1:30 pm. The visit lasts about 2h30 hours, and you will discover this symbolic place through a route of about 3 km. Therefore, we recommend that you visit this fascinating piece of history, where you can experience the intense moments of the past yourself!

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Rue d'Aubel, Battice
4651 Herve
Country Belgium
Telephone +3287446508
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