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Der neunte Tag

The fiction film "The Ninth Day", from the Luxembourgish "Der neunte Tag", was released in 2004. It is based on a true story: that of a Luxembourg priest, Father Jean Bernard
Der neunte Tag
Volker Schlöndorff

Father Henry Kremer, a resistance fighter, was mysteriously released from the Dachau concentration camp for a period of nine days. About 3,000 European clergymen were imprisoned there with him. In Der neunte Tag we discover his story, between suspense and emotions.

But he has a mission: to convince the leaders of the Catholic Church in Luxembourg to support the Nazi occupiers. If he does not return, his colleagues will be executed. If he returns victorious, he is rewarded with permanent freedom.

Kremer is caught in a dilemma, between the horror of the camps and his conviction as a Christian.

Der neunte Tag
Der neunte Tag, bande annonce sur YouTube
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