Time traveling

December 44 Historical Museum à La Gleize

We invite you to travel back in time to an era that has influenced many writers and scriptwriters. In the Land of Memory, we discover the places that inspired famous movies and novels. These moving images and words tell us the story of the two Great World Wars.

Works inspired by the war

Schacko Klak

Schacko Klak

J. P., 16 years old, shot

Bloody Clash in Sadzot: Hitler's final strike for Antwerp

Derniers Témoins

Last Witnesses


Die Wahrheit gehört ans Licht


Heemwéi - eng Odysee

Tell Them I'm Dead

Couverture du documentaire "The Wereth Eleven".

Wereth Eleven

Fort de Tancrémont

Deep Fear

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

Léif Lëtzbuerger

Léif Lëtzebuerger

Au-revoir là-haut


Le Grand Meaulnes

The Great Meaulnes

Nous autres à Vauquois

The Rest of Us at Vauquois

Liège 1914-1918

Liège 1914-1918 : Monthly chronicles August 1914 to November 1918

7 Erzielongen

La vie et rien d

Life and nothing but

If You Have to Survive

Der neunte Tag

Der neunte Tag

Pour la Liberté

For freedom

Ceux de 14

The Ones From '14

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

"Fahrenheit 451"


Les 3 serments

"The Three Oaths"

NUTS ! Bastogne. The Battle of the Bulge

En pleine figure

"In Your Face", Haikus of the 14-18 war

New Times



False Step: The first days of the Great War in Gaume

Luxemburg und der Erste Weltkrieg. Literaturgeschichten

They shall not grow old

They shall not grow old


The Emperor of Taste

Paroles de Poilus.

Words of Poilus

Couverture du livre "Le Sceptre d

"The Sceptre of Ottokar"

14 by Jean Echenoz

Eng nei Zaït

Eng nei Zäit

Les sentiers de la gloire

Paths of Glory

Winter in Arms

Und ich war da

Jospeh André: Audacity and Self-Sacrifice

Auf Winters Schneide

Spirou, Le groom vert-de-gris

The Spirou and Fantasio Comics in Wartime

The Pointing Finger

Zakopane. Eng Geschicht aus dem Krich

Heims ins Reich

Heims ins Reich

Autumn Fog

Luxemburg und der Zweite Weltkrieg

The Look of Death

Lëtzebuerg ass fräi

Lëtzebuerg ass fräi

Rossignol Stopped Singing



La Grande guerre des écrivains

The Great War of the Writers





schacko klak

Schacko Klak - Biller aus der Kandheet

Un long dimanche de fiançailles

A Very Long Engagement

La guerre des boutons

The War of the Buttons

She Dreamed She Was Walking

Déi Zwéi vum Bierg

Déi Zwéi wun Bierg

The Crumpled Letter

Comic book


Experience Land of Memory

Through the journey of four student filmmakers and their professor who follow in the footsteps of their forefathers in the Land of Memory.

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