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Autumn Fog

A thrilling manhunt that plunges us into the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944.
Lionel Noël

Gabriel Saint-Onge, a war correspondent from Montreal, is reporting on the liberation of Belgium in September 1944. At the German border, he meets Norma Percy-Beaulieu, a painter who skillfully reproduces with her brushes the fighting on the front. Gabriel also meets Egan O’Shea, an OSS agent engaged in an investigation to bring to justice the Belgian “collaborator” who framed him. The traitor is also in the sights of the United States counter-intelligence services, and more particularly of Max Mulligan, an officer mandated by the Pentagon to recruit former Nazis in order to use them against the presumed future enemy, the USSR.

A thrilling manhunt that finds a dramatic ending in the heart of the Ardennes. On December 16, 1944, the “Autumn Fog” operation is launched…

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