A journey to our history’s places of memory


Land of Memory is a remembrance tourism destination located in the Greater Region (the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and parts of France, Belgium and Germany). The destination encompasses major historical sites from both world wars. Touring Land of Memory is an intense and instructive experience that speaks of hardship, courage and peace.

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  • A cross-border destination
  • A vast territory of memory
  • An exceptional natural environment
  • Events all year round

  • 12 Cemeteries
  • 1 Cities
  • 16 Forts
  • 27 Memorials
  • 12 Monuments
  • 40 Museums and exhibitions
  • 9 Trails
  • 5 Trenches
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There are many historical topics to explore in the Land of Memory. The destination offers historical itineraries for groups (school, private or association) and for individual visitors and families.

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Experience Land of Memory

Through the journey of four student filmmakers and their professor who follow in the footsteps of their forefathers in the Land of Memory.

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Drawing inspiration from heroes

Stories of courage and survival. Stories of 20th-century women and men.

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Brothers even in death

The U.S. Army offered the family that the brothers be reunited and buried in the same place. Their mother wanted it that way... united by love even in death.

More than a museum, a real historical place

The museum street is also a real historical place, because there are pictures of Hitler in front of one of the houses on the street.

Marcel's chocolate

Marcel's childhood memories... In November 1944, his parents' farm was transformed into a refuge for American soldiers. When the Americans moved on, they left many memories behind.


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Time traveling

Travel back in time to an era that has inspired many writers and screenwriters.

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Find here all the latest information on the Land of Memory destination: the latest tours, exhibitions, interviews with specialists or historians, conferences, etc.

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Vous avez des informations sur des événements vécus par votre famille pendant l'un des deux grands conflits mondiaux? En transmettant votre témoignage, vous enrichissez notre rubrique "s'inspirer des héros".

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