Drawing inspiration from heroes

Oeuvre exposée au Mémorial de Verdun

The Land of Memory is a place of heroic stories and the resistance of men and women who lived through the Great Wars. These stories share with us the memories of the events that took place, but also fascinating stories that make it easier to understand the tumultuous events of the 20th century.

Wartime stories

Marcel's chocolate

Marcel's childhood memories... In November 1944, his parents' farm was transformed into a refuge for American soldiers. When the Americans moved on, they left many memories behind.

The cork of Liège

How the Cork of Liège prevented Wilhelm from taking the Champagne.

An American Belgian beer?

"He then decided to clean his helmet with a little snow and then fill it with beer. He runs back to the church, under artillery shellfire."

The swindling gendarme of Jupille

As he had a certain sense of Ruhe und Ordnung (calm and order) for the public good, the inhabitants admited that Jupille had never been so clean and so quiet...

Group of Belgian scouts 14-18: The "Bonnot Gang"

After various missions, they succeeded in bringing to Loncin a car and gendarmes in charge of securing the "war treasure" of the Fortified Position: 11 million gold francs!

The discovery of Big Bertha

We met a terrible murderer. Without mercy, Big Bertha wreaks havoc.

The mystery flag of the General Leman Battalion

The Belgian Lignard Lange seized the flag and its harness among the German corpses. It was the very first flag conquered in combat on all the fronts of the Great War.

Christmas in the trenches

The same community of suffering brings hearts together, melts hatreds, gives rise to sympathy between indifferent and even adversarial people.

International assistance

For the U.S. Army, the use of the Navajo language of Native Americans for its code talkers was decisive.

A determined composer

Despite rejection, by sheer determination, he was hired as a military truck driver in 1916 and sent to Verdun.

Shot to make an example: traitors or faithful patriots?

Many soldiers were shot to make an example during the First and Second World Wars. These victims sometimes forgotten.

Band of Brothers

"We are not lost Corporal, we are in Normandy." Band of Brothers, HBO.

More than a museum, a real historical place

The museum street is also a real historical place, because there are pictures of Hitler in front of one of the houses on the street.

The Battle of the Bulge, or the Battle of the Bump

The battle proved to be the deadliest ever fought by the U.S. Army, which suffered over 100,000 casualties. The name of the battle was translated as "The Battle of the Bulge" for it's shape.

An unsuspected attack on the forts of Liège

Fort Lantin was one of the last forts to be bombed.The garrison maintained its resistance, sometimes even deprived of access to toilets, forcing them to go out under enemy fire.

The Belgian Vauban

General Brialmont is considered one of the geniuses of his time in the field of fortification and military architecture.

The Douaumont Monument: a symbolic structure

Thanks to the tower of the monument, the light of the ossuary is visible from 40 km away. It has a shape whose real symbolism is often unknown.

Fort Eben-Emael: a history of toilets

I remember an anecdote that is not very appetizing, but I can't resist the pleasure of telling it to you.

Fort Eben-Emal : a fatal soccer game

The soldiers met regularly to play soccer. They tried to entertain themselves between battles, but the game turned into a nightmare.

Merry St. Nicholas Day

The American St. Nicholas paraded through the streets of the city in an army jeep, accompanied by two young girls dressed as angels. He delighted the children by stopping at a public school where he greeted each of them in their own language, German.

American monks?

Were we the object of a hallucination? Was it the Armistice? It was beautiful... and disconcerting!

A deadly labor strike in Luxembourg, 1942

A deadly labor strike in Luxembourg in 1942. Every year, the strike is commemorated on August 31 by the head of state and government representatives.

Brothers even in death

The U.S. Army offered the family that the brothers be reunited and buried in the same place. Their mother wanted it that way... united by love even in death.

Fernand Léger: cubism and the 14-18 war

There is nothing more cubist than a war like this one which divides you more or less neatly into several pieces and which sends him to the four cardinal points.

Eben-Emael Fort: a meager nest egg

Some militiamen without families had only their pay to buy either a pastry, a beer in the canteen, or a pack of cigarettes.

A hedge of honor from the enemy

Reynal repelled the repeated assaults of the enemy infantry, fighting for each corridor and each casemate, maintaining until the end by his example, the unshakeable firmness of the garrison.

The absolute resistance of Fort Tancrémont

"It is better to die of true determination than for the country to lose freedom." Motto of the Six Hundred Franchimontois, taken up by the soldiers of Fort Tancrémont

Anecdotes from Virton

A former stronghold in the heart of the Pays Gaumais, Virton and its museum bear witness to the German occupation during the Great War.

Ceremony in Verdun for the Unknown Soldier

"The Son of all the mothers who have not found their Son." The Unknown Soldier, Jean-Yves Le Naour

The Liège coffee

Contrary to what its name may suggest, Liège coffee is not a specialty of the city of Liège.

A German among the American graves

War heroes were not only brave Allied soldiers. Heroic men and women were also among German civilians.

Fort Aubin-Neufchâteau: collection of testimonies

Veterans from the fort shared their stories to preserve the memory of those who lived and fought there. Some are over 100 years old, but their memories remain intact.

Flamethrower Tests in 14-18: a fatal error

The day the French made victims in their own ranks.

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