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The museum street is also a real historical place, because there are pictures of Hitler in front of one of the houses on the street.

The 101st Airborne Museum is named after one of the American divisions that intervened in Bastogne during the Second World War. In addition to what the museum contains, the building itself has a historical value. Indeed, in 1938 this building was used as a canteen for the officers of the 2nd regiment of the Chasseurs Ardennais. During the occupation, it became the club of German non-commissioned officers and a branch of the Red Cross.

The street where the museum is located also has something interesting. There are pictures of Hitler in front of one of the houses on the street. In fact, all the houses on these streets existed before the Second World War. In 1940, Hitler visited General von Rundstedt, who had set up his headquarters in the avenue. He came to ask the General to slow down his troops because the committed tactics of the blitzkrieg were too fast.

"Street house of the 101st Airborne Museum in Bastogne.
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Hitler in Bastogne.
Hitler in Bastogne. @ Coll.Piconrue

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