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Brothers even in death

Vue aérienne du cimetière américain Henri Chapelle
The U.S. Army offered the family that the brothers be reunited and buried in the same place. Their mother wanted it that way... united by love even in death.

Located in the province of Liège, the Henri-Chapelle Cemetery is one of three American cemeteries in Belgium. The geographical location of the site was decisive in the choice of the cemetery’s location. It is located less than 20 kilometers from Aachen, Germany, but still in Allied territory. Therefore, the symbol sent is powerful.

Uniquely, it is also in this cemetery that three brothers are buried (there are no less than 37 duos, but no other trio). From a family of 11 children from Tennessee, five of the Tester sons were serving in the army at the same time. Only two survived. Robert, 33, died in North Africa. James, 24, died near the German-Luxembourg border, and Glen, 27, in the Vosges Mountains in France.

Amandine Jaunet, a guide at Henri-Chapelle Cemetery, explains: “All three died brothers within a year of each other, between 1943 and 1945. They are all three here today because the American army offered to the family that the brothers be gathered and buried in the same place. Their mother wanted it that way, united in love even in death.”

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