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A hedge of honor from the enemy

Fort de Vaux
Reynal repelled the repeated assaults of the enemy infantry, fighting for each corridor and each casemate, maintaining until the end by his example, the unshakeable firmness of the garrison.
Photo du commandant Raynal.
Commandant Reynal

During the Battle of Verdun, a conflict that was more symbolic than strategic, Fort Vaux was one of the most umportant locations of the fighting. Like Douaumont, the fort was disarmed and left defenseless when the German offensive was launched. French troops fought tirelessly in defense of Fort Vaux. Finally, after six days and five nights of fierce fighting, the French, without water or food, were forced to surrender to the German army. The German army saluted the soldiers’ resistance and formed a guard of honor out of respect for their adversaries. Even today, you can see the bullet holes on the walls of the fort.

To learn more, the diary of Commander Reynal, who was in charge of the fort in 1916, bears witness to the daily life and fighting at Fort Vaux.

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