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Territories of Memory: “Never Again!” exhibit

Drapeaux nazis à l
Dive into one of the most terrible periods in history: the rise of Nazism and the extermination of Jews and other communities. An exhibition that confronts us and invites us to question how to resist today, the scope of our actions, or our passivity.

A Continuing Struggle to Preserve Basic Freedoms

The "Never Again" exhibition at the Cité Miroir
© Territoires de la Mémoire asbl

Founded by former political prisoners who survived the Nazi camps, Territories of Memory is a center for education in resistance and citizenship. The center encourages young and old alike to get involved in establishing a democratic society and fighting for fundamental freedoms. The permanent exhibition “Never again!” was produced by the Territories of Memory Association. It has been held since 2014 at the Cité Miroir in Liège. Throughout the tour, the visit is guided by the voice of the actor Pierre Arditi. With stunning scenography, we are plunged into the horror of the deportations through sound, light, and visual animations, punctuated by archive images and the poignant testimonies of those who lived through the unimaginable.

A journey around six themes

The exhibition is divided into six parts, which present different themes:

A real educational tool

The exhibition offers many ways to relive history through the collection of information, staging, a succession of images, assemblies of testimonies, and life stories. The center provides an accurate educational tool that helps us understand the rise of Nazism in Germany and allows everyone to draw conclusions from the past to better resist the dangers of today.

Visual animations at the "Never Again!" exhibition
© Land of Memory
Nazi flags at the "Never Again!" exhibition
© Land of Memory
Testimony at the "Never Again!" exhibition
© Land of Memory

“Never again!”

The center also pays tribute to the millions of victims of Nazism. The primary purpose of the exhibition is: “Never again!”. This promise is what many people said after World War II and Nazism. Today, one cannot deny the strong presence of themes such as racism in our countries. The exhibition shows us the mistakes of the past and how we must learn from them. Visits are accessible to groups and individuals and are available in French, Dutch, English, and German.

Discover this exhibition, which will give you food for thought!

Visual animations at the "Never Again!" exhibition
© Land of Memory
Visual representation of Hilter at the "Never Again!" exhibition
© Land of Memory

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