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The Cité Miroir

Exposition temporaire à la cité miroir.
The Cité Miroir is located in the former baths and thermal baths of La Sauvenière. An exceptional place full of history, where you can find many activities that combine culture, memory and citizenship.

A unique place of expression

The Cité Miroir was built in the liner style.
© Land of Memory

The Cité Miroir was built in the “liner” architecture style, which is rarely visible in such an excellent state of preservation. It is in fact, the former baths and thermal baths of the Sauvenière, located in the center of Liege. It has housed public baths, swimming, boxing, fencing, a dance hall, and a bus station- this building knows how to multitask! The history of this building makes it a unique place of expression.

In 1936, Geoges Truffaut, the alderman of Liège, started the project of the Baths and Thermes. Four years later, the war broke out, and the Germans arrived in Liège. Construction was delayed, and a bombing partially destroyed the building. Later, an anti-bombing shelter was set up to house about thirty refugees.

The construction of the building was completed in 1942 under the Nazi regime and was a great success. A few years later, a sports complex was created with gymnasiums, fencing, wrestling, judo, boxing, and tennis courts.

A bus station was also later developed, but not until 2000. The Sauvenière was forced to close its doors for security reasons. The building was gradually abandoned. Fortunately, in 2004, thanks to the Territories of Memory, the MNEMA association was entrusted with rehabilitating the old baths. The building is classified in part as a monument to Walloon heritage.

The Cité Miroir and its multiple functions.
© Land of Memory
The Cité Miroir, a cultural space
© Land of Memory

Next, the building evolved into a cultural space, hosting exhibitions, conferences, debates, workshops, and live shows. Finally, the Cité Miroir was inaugurated in 2014 and hosts the permanent exhibition “Never again,” created by the Territories of Memory. Over the years, permanent and temporary exhibitions focused on European values and open-mindedness, such as: “Degenerate art according to Hitler,” “Human Zoos.” You will also find the permanent exhibition “En Lutte. Stories of Emancipation,” which tells you about the workers’ struggles and the societal advances that have forever redefined our daily lives.

Discover this historical building and its numerous exhibitions throughout the year!

Useful information

Place Xavier Neujean, 22
4000 Liège
Country Belgium
Telephone 00 32 (0)4 230 70 50
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