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40-45 Memories Museum

The dark shadow of the war did not spare the Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève region. Accompanied by a passionate guide, you will discover the cultural and military history of the region with the help of the collection of Frederic Winkin, and a multitude of unpublished anecdotes.

A collection of memories

The small private 40-45 Memorium Museum gathers souvenirs of the life of the soldiers and citizens of the Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève region. You can also see the hidden treasures and finds of Frederic Winkin, a passionate collector of military equipment for over 25 years. The collection is composed of objects found and acquired over the years.

You will also find equipment, weapons, mannequins with period uniforms, and accessories. There are also American appliances and utensils, German propaganda objects, original documents, and maps and photos.

The museum has been completely reorganized after ten years. It presents a wholly revisited exhibition composed of new pieces. Visits to the museum are by appointment only. A personal guide with a passion for history and sharing stories will accompany you, and give you a deeper meaning of the exhibit.

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