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The Liège coffee

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Contrary to what its name may suggest, Liège coffee is not a specialty of the city of Liège.

The origin of the name of the Liège café goes back to World War I and the battle of the Liège forts in Belgium.

The heroic resistance of Liège aroused great interest in France, which awarded the city the Legion of Honor on August 7, 1914 (awarded on July 24, 1919). At the same time, Paris renamed the Viennese coffee, a name that evoked the enemy, to Liège coffee (as well as other dishes). The Liège coffee is a hot drink, composed of a single or double espresso, usually with a roasted coffee. This rather light coffee is topped with beaten milk, crowned with whipped cream, and then decorated with chocolate powder or shavings to embellish it. Liège coffee is also available in a cold recipe consumed as a dessert. It is then prepared with slightly sweetened coffee, coffee-flavored ice cream, and whipped cream.

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