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In the footsteps of the resistance: Guided tour of the Chartreuse in Robermont (14-18)

Fort de la Chartreuse is an emblem of the city of Liège and the Amercoeur district. Passionate guides will reveal the secrets and mysteries of the fortress, of which more than 20 hectares are now classified.

A green setting dedicated to rememberance.

Built by the Dutch in 1817, Fort de la Chartreuse, along with Huy and the Citadel of Liège, was part of the Dutch rampart against France. The fort was named after a monastery located on Mount Cornillon at the time of the Liège Revolution.

In 1891, the fort was classified and converted into barracks, then a prison for Belgian patriots imprisoned by the Germans during the First World War, 49 of whom were tragically shot there. However, the fort didn’t occupy a strategic role in the Second World War. Nevertheless, the fort bears witness to a rich and complex history. In 1944 it was used by the American army as a military hospital.

In 1981, following the two world wars, the fort was demilitarized. A few years later, the fort was bought by the city of Liège. Along with the help of associations, the city is working on conserving and restoring the fort, whose galleries and green spaces have become the refuge of numerous animal and vegetable species.

One hundred years separate us today from the 14-18 war. A world event that made the headlines. Political events and military actions were particularly evoked, sometimes to the detriment of civilians who resisted at the risk of their lives.

The entrance of Fort de la Chartreuse in Liège.
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The guided tour of the Fort de la Chartreuse honors these men and women. 

We invite you to follow an experienced guide (in French) on the steps of the Liège resistance. He reveals to his audience the history of the Fort de la Chartreuse since its origins. Passing through a memorial full of crazy stories, he explains the tricks and adventures of the resistance fighters. Finally, he continues to intrigue visitors by telling every wink made by the names of the streets that lead the curious to the cemetery of Robermont, the last resting place of many brave men and women. 

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Reservations for groups via groups@landofmemory.eu or +32 (0)4/279.55.81

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