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Fort Troyon

The resistance of Fort Troyon is legendary and was extremely important. Indeed, it prevented the German troops from encircling Verdun from the south during the Battle of the Marne. It's a magnificent stone fort whose role during the First World War was crucial.

The legendary resistance

Fort Troyon was built at the end of the 19th century, between Lacroix sur Meuse and Troyon. This exceptional building was constructed in Séré de Rivières cut stone. The fort resisted victoriously massive assaults of the German bombs in September 1914.

The enemy troops thus failed to encircle Verdun. In addition, the fort’s resistance helped protect French soldiers in the Battle of the Marne on the eastern flank.

It was the only fort on the Verdun-Toul line (65 km long) that never fell to the Germans when attacked. Instead, 450 men held out for more than six days against enemy artillery and a 10,000-strong division of the 5th Army.

Entrance of Fort Troyon.

In 1918, Fort Troyon served as a rear hospital for the American troops who liberated Saint-Mihiel (occupied for four years) and the Montsec Butte.

Today, the traces of the bombardments of September 1914 are still visible. They testify to the violence of the fighting. Forgotten for 80 years, the fort has regained its prestige thanks to the motivation of many volunteers. They have worked to keep the memory of the sacrifice of their ancestors alive.

The fort is listed as a historical monument by a decree dated November 2, 1994. Fort Troyon is open to visitors under certain conditions; contact for more information.

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