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American monks?

Fort de Huy
Were we the object of a hallucination? Was it the Armistice? It was beautiful... and disconcerting!
Walter Delsat

The hisotry books of Fort Huy offer us intact testimonies of the Second World War. In addition, they contain their share of unusual anecdotes.

Walter Delsat, a hostage in 1942, tells us in his illustrated notebook: “One afternoon, during English class, we saw a procession of Dominicans proudly crossing the entire length of the inner courtyard. The first ones were holding up an American flag. Were we hallucinating? Was it the Armistice? It was beautiful… and disconcerting!”

In reality, the Dominican friars had proudly flown the flag in their monastery in the Sarthe. Taken hostage, they were forced to march through the city of Huy with the American flag in front of them. The monks were later sentenced to imprisonment in the fort before finally being released in 1945.

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