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7 Erzielongen

"A teacher ... who was not afraid to make our talk the centre of all his research and aspirations."
Isi Comes

Isidore Comes is a literary critic, philologist, poet and playwright. He is also the author of short stories and narratives in Lëtzebuergesch which evoke the consequences of the First World War in Luxembourg and analyse rural life in the 19th century. He has also written some short stories in German. A collection of seven stories, “7 Erzielongen” or “7 Objectives” was published posthumously in 1998. Several texts by Isidore Comes have remained unpublished.

Although he did not make a career as an author, he is praised by his contemporaries for his work. Robert Bruch described his interest in literature as follows: “A teacher… who was not afraid to make our language the centre of all his research and aspirations.”

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