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Heims ins Reich

"Heims ins Reich", or "Back to the Reich" is a Nazi slogan launched by Hitler in 1938. It means that Germans should live in Germany. It is aimed, for example, at Germans living in Austria or in the Balkans.
Heims ins Reich
Claude Lahr

Heims ins Reich tells the story of the ordeal of the Nazi occupation in Luxembourg. We discover this period through numerous testimonies, but also with the help of period sequences. The population of Luxembourg suffered this occupation between 10 May 1940 and 10 September 1944.

Most of the witnesses in the film are among those who were actively involved in the resistance against the German occupation.

This documentary released in 2004 lasts 118 minutes and is directed by Claude Lahr.

Heims ins Reich © Film Fund Luxembourg
Heims ins Reich © Film Fund Luxembourg
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