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The Spirou and Fantasio Comics in Wartime

"My father is German, my mother is Polish, and Jewish to boot! I was born in Danzig, grew up in Ukraine and live in Belgium! How's that for you?!"
Kassandra Stahl, "Diary of an Ingénue"
Spirou, Le groom vert-de-gris
Emile Bravo / Schwartz & Yann

Spirou and Fantasio :

These comic books are from the series “Le Spirou de…” offering the visions of several artists of the comic book character Spirou and his companions. Their common point is that they all take place during the Second World War, in Brussels and more widely in Belgium. Spirou is a bellboy at the Moustic Hotel while Fantasio, now a soldier, is assigned to Fort Eben-Emael, the centerpiece of the Fortified Position of Liege. Both are dragged into political plots and schemes and try, without much success, to stop the war in progress.

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