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The Rest of Us at Vauquois

"Pézard's work is the most ambitious (...): if like the best it claims to reveal the truth, it seems to be the only one that has undertaken to express the inexpressible." Jean Norton Cru.
Nous autres à Vauquois
André Pézard

“Nous autres à Vauquois” or “The Rest of Us at Vauquois” is the autobiographical account of the years spent in the trenches by André Pézard and his comrades. Written from his personal notebooks, this testimony is of great depth and shook the literary sphere of writers. The 2016 reissue by Editions de La Table Ronde includes a letter from the author to Jean Norton Cru from which the quote is taken. Norton Cru is the author of Witnesses, an analysis and critique of the memories of combatants published in French from 1915 to 1928.

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