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The Great Meaulnes

"Our adventure is over. This year's winter is dead as the grave. Perhaps when we die, perhaps death alone will give us the key and the continuation and the end of this failed adventure."
Le Grand Meaulnes
Alain Fournier

“Le Grand Meaulnes” or “The Great Meaulnes” is often considered as the only novel ever written by writer Alain Fournier, who died in combat in September 1914. Indeed, during the 14/18 war, many writers were sent to the front. Some of them fought at the Eparges and at the Calonne trench, like Maurice Genevoix and Alain Fournier.

This dreamlike tale highlights the story of two young boys, schoolmates in a small village not far from Vierzon. Punctuated by escapes and love stories, “The Great Meaulnes” remains a must-read for those who seek to know the works of fallen writers like Apollinaire and Péguy.

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