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Zakopane. Eng Geschicht aus dem Krich

"Zakopane. Eng Geschicht aus dem Krich" presents a double vision of the Second World War.
Guy Koenig

Zakopane, Eng Geschicht aus dem Krich , or Zakopane, A History of War is a Luxembourg novel by Guy Koenig published in 2020.

The story takes place in Zakopane, Poland, between 1939 and 1941. Two destinies meet. On the one hand, Alois, a frustrated character from a bourgeois family who finds in Nazi ideology a justification to give free rein to his hatred of the Jews. On the other, Ackermann, an elderly gendarme, investigating a murder. He gets closer and closer to the murderer, until the latter disappears just before the German invasion in 1940.

Ackermann then faces the Nazification of the police. Alois was involved in murders in the East. In 1941, Ackermann’s conscience forced him to leave the service. However, he continued to search for Alois, and his leads led him to Poland.

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