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Lëtzebuerg ass fräi

The German invasion of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg shocked by its lightning speed. This was despite the fact that the country had been strictly neutral since 1867.
Lëtzebuerg ass fräi
Pierre Bertogne

“Luxembourg is free”, “Lëtzebuerg ass fräi” in Luxembourgish, is a historical documentary made from archive images.

The 10th of September 1944 is considered to be the day of liberation of Luxembourg and its capital.

This 17-minute mini-film retraces these memorable moments of the Liberation. It allows you to relive this historic moment thanks to period photographs. On 17 February 1945, the German troops finally withdrew from Luxembourg territory. 

The 1944 documentary is available for free on YouTube:

Lëtzebuerg ass fräi
Lëtzebuerg ass fräi sur YouTube
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