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New Times

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The story of a family, a conflict between two brothers who opposites in every way.
Eric Warnauts

In 1938, Thomas Deschamps is back in La Goffe, his native village near Erezée (in Belgian Luxembourg). Thomas is a charmer, the complete opposite of his older brother Charles, a stern and respected gentleman.

Ten years earlier, the two brothers had competed for the heart of the beautiful Alice Régimont. Against the charm of Thomas, she prefers the reassuring stability of Charles, thus provoking the departure of the younger brother for the Congo.

Back home on the eve of the war, Thomas has a serious disagreement with Charles’ ideas, who is a militant of the right-wing extremists and axis collaborators. An idealist, Thomas joins the resistance. The first volume ends with the Belgian surrender. The second volume deals with the purge trials which followed. When the war is over, we find Thomas again, distinguished by his status as a deported resistance fighter who survived the hell of the camps. In these new times, resentment and sometimes even revenge appear. Despite everything, Thomas returned to testify at the court to save his brother’s head.

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