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Luxemburg und der Zweite Weltkrieg

"Luxembourg and the Second World War" is a theme not often mentioned by the authors, which raises several questions about their approach to this period. We are immersed in this new vision of history thanks to the writing...
Claude D. Conter, Daniela Lieb, Marc Limpach, Sandra Schmit, Jeff Schmitz & Josiane Weber

“Luxemburg und der Zweite Weltkrieg” or “Luxembourg and the Second World War, Literary and intellectual life between the seizure of power and the purge” is a Luxembourg exhibition with a catalogue written for the occasion. Il reprend les informations de cette dernière.

Literature during the Second World War is not a theme that is widely explored in the history of Luxembourg. Who was writing? What was there to read? And how did writers deal with the new rulers? The exhibition and the catalogue provide answers to these questions.

The transformation of the cultural world after the German invasion on 10 May 1940, or the reactions of writers and intellectuals to the hold of the occupying power are discussed. Other topics include the literature of the concentration camps, forced conscription and the displacement of the population.

The exhibits from literature, art, history and everyday culture provide an insight into a complex theme of permanent social importance.

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