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“In Your Face”, Haikus of the 14-18 war

"It's heavy like a sponge! You can't squeeze the earth Without drawing blood from it." Julien Vocance
En pleine figure
Dominique Chipot

“””In Your Face”” is a collection of haikus written in the trenches during the First World War. Dominique Chipot, a specialist of this particular form of Japanese poetry, shares a selection of soldiers’ writings with us. Among them, Julien Vocance, a French poet, was the author of numerous war haikus. According to Dominique Chipot, thanks to Julien Vocance, “”French haiku is not confined to becoming a pale pastiche of Japanese haiku, and it is no longer the poem of cherry blossoms, but that of all moments. Moreover, by moving away from the seasons, Vocance has moved closer to people.””

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