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This fictional film, released in 2009, plunges the viewer into Luxembourg during the Second World War, and the country's division between collaborators and rebels.
Nicolas Steil

François is twenty-one years old and lives in Luxembourg. In May 1940, the country was invaded by the Nazi army. His father, a collaborator of the fascist regime, forces him to study at a German university.

In May 1944, François returned to Luxembourg. He is now faced with a Cornelian choice. Should he become a “forced conscript” in the Wehrmacht and go to the Russian front to shoot at the Allies? Or should he become a “refractory” and hide at the bottom of a mine for many months without seeing the sunlight, in the cold and humidity, with the only hope of liberation?

The young man has to make a choice.

Réfractaire, bande annonce sur YouTube
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