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Winter in Arms

Default 2000 x 500
A beautiful story of friendship and love against the background of a deadly war.
Philippe Jarbinet

“The war has left us in a hellhole, in the snow and the cold, in pain and death. We live and die in fear and disillusionment. Fortunately, to hold on, there is friendship, love, and brotherhood…”

If his watercolor drawings we see a great precision approaching the closest to the historical reality, the author Philippe Jarbinet also knows how to tell beautiful stories. He holds the reader in suspense through fictional tales. Through his albums, we follow the thrilling story of the characters Tom, Seb, Stephan, and Tessa. This talented artist also participates in the scenography of the Bastogne War Museum. In Winter at Arms, the heroes Tom and Seb find themselves in the front line on the Ardennes front while Tessa is taken prisoner by the Germans.

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