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The Emperor of Taste

Discover the story of three generations of Belgian women whose family history is intimately linked to that of the Second World War.
Steph Wouters

This captivating Belgian Flemish mini-series is full of intrigue, and won’t disappoint you! The Emperor of Taste tells the story of three generations of women, centered around the distillery of the De Keyser family (very close to Kaiser, Emperor in German), located in Hasselt. The grandmother, Helena, whose fiancé disappeared during the Second World War, asks her granddaughter decades later to investigate the strange circumstances of her childhood sweetheart’s disappearance. The cast includes Matthias Schoenoaerts (Rust and Bone, Red Sparrow), still little known to the general public at the time of filming, but already very convincing. The Emperor of Taste was also shot in historically accurate conditions. In fact, Fort Eben-Emael was used as a shooting location for several indoor scenes, while outdoor scenes took place at Fort Tancrémont.

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