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Die Wahrheit gehört ans Licht

Marco Schank plunges his reader into the twists and turns of the Second World War through family torments, awakened years later...
Marco Schank

The Truth Must Be Revealed” is a novel by Marco Schark published in 2021. He is a writer, author of crime novels, but also a Luxembourg politician.

In a small town in northern Luxembourg, the liberation by the Americans and the end of the hated Nazi regime are cause for joy. When the Ardennes offensive begins in mid-December, the Gestapo returns in the wake of the Wehrmacht. Thirteen villagers are kidnapped in a single day. Only one survives.

It is July 2019. One Sunday morning, Superintendent Mathieu is visited by Léonie Engels, a determined woman. The eighty-nine-year-old woman claims that Mathieu’s father betrayed the village on that fatal day in the winter of 1944 and that he is responsible for the death of his family. Mathieu begins a painful and dangerous journey into his father’s dark past.

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