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The War of the Buttons

"It was on this fatal ground (...) that, for years and years, the generations of Longeverne and Velrans had copiously scorned, castigated, and stoned each other".
La guerre des boutons
Louis Pergaud

“La Guerre des boutons” or “The War of the Buttons” remains the best-known work of Louis Pergaud, who died for France in 1915 and whose grave has never been found. It’s a novel with a humorous tone at first, which then becomes increasingly dark. “La Guerre des boutons” tells the story freely adapted from the author’s youth, of the rivalry between the children of two small villages in the Doubs region. Made famous by its very oral phrasing of Rabelaisian inspiration, this story goes back to the founding of the Third Republic in France. We can also note the importance of the “Carnet de guerre” or “War Notebook” which was written by same author, and is made up of correspondence published by his wife after his death. It gives an account of the daily life of soldiers in the trenches.

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