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"The whole country was seized with a commemorative fury in favor of the dead, proportionate to its revulsion toward the survivors."
Au-revoir là-haut
Pierre Lemaître

Released in 2013 and adapted into a film in 2017 by Albert Dupontel, Au-revoir là-haut or “The Great Swindle” is an adventurous historical novel about the problematic return home of two Poilus at the end of the First World War. The two companions find that nothing is done to help them adapt to the return to normal life. Instead, they find themselves marked physically and mentally by the horrors of the Great War. Setting up a successful scam, they decide to take advantage of the hypocritical patriotism of which they were the first victims. Winner of the 2013 Prix Goncourt, The Great Swindle is a tragic novel and film that explores the difficulties of adaptation for traumatized soldiers.

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