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"So, as all failures, all bitter people, all spurned people do, I had taken revenge on innocent people; I had punished an unmade bed, a soiled trouser, to forget the dirty weather of my heart... The future was the country of others. I was not invited there."
Yann Moix

Verdun is the third volume recounting Yann Moix’s youth: “In the Land of Still Childhood”. It is published in 2022.

The first volume, Orléans, tells of the narrator’s martyred childhood. In Reims, we follow his lamentable peregrinations in business school in the city of the coronation. In Verdun, we find this “immobile child” of twenty-five, a midshipman in the army.

We follow the young Moix as he tests his responsibilities, promiscuity and command. He meets many characters, some ordinary, some extraordinary. Between manoeuvres and night marches, shooting with Famas and campfires, room inspections and military songs, Yann Moix moves and makes his reader laugh.

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