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Eng nei Zäit

This fictional film, released in 2015, tells the story of the post-war period and the attempts to rebuild a Luxembourg ravaged by four years of German occupation
Eng nei Zaït
Christophe Wagner

“A new time”, “Eng nei Zäit” in Luxembourgish, is a poignant film about the Second World War.

In February 1945, Jules returned home after fighting in the French maquis. He had fled from forced conscription. Back in his hometown, Jules hopes to find peace of mind and put the war behind him. 

However, he returns to a country ravaged by the Battle of the Bulge and deeply divided by four years of occupation.

When his fiancée is found murdered along with a family of German farmers she was working for, the life Jules was struggling to rebuild collapses.

Eng nei Zäit
Eng nei Zaït, bande annonce sur YouTube
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