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Memorial walk around La Gleize (40-45)

La Gleize
The December 44 Museum is located in La Gleize and traces the historical events of the Ardennes offensive.

To discover this mythical battle of the Second World War, take a walk through the villages of La Gleize, Cheneux, Monceau, and many others. You will discover the events and suffering of December 44 through a wooded memorial trail decorated with historical panels.

The Battle of the Bulge was a series of military operations that took place in this region during the winter of 1944-1945. This battle was terribly difficult for the soldiers of both sides. However, it finally ended in January 1945, following the fighting at La Gleize. During the latter, Peiper’s German troops were eventually disarmed.

The signs that crisscross this walk are written in French, English, Dutch, and German. For more information, the booklet “Cheneux, the suffering of December 44” is available at the Tourist Office in Stoumont or at the December 44 Museum. You can also buy the IGN map for 8€.

Finally, don’t miss a visit to the “December 44” Museum: a must for history lovers.

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4987 La Gleize
Country Belgium
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