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The Vyle Castle Memory Trail (40-45)

The Belgian resistance was organized in 1940: and the "Secret Army" was born.

Follow in the footsteps of the “Belgian Legion,” also known as the “Secret Army,” and plunge into the heart of the exploits of the Belgian resistance. This visit in the middle of nature around the Castle of Vyle comprises explanatory panels available in French and Dutch.

© SI “Entre Eaux et Chateaux” 

After the capitulation of Belgium in May 1940, resistance was organized with a command in London: the “Belgian Legion.” In 1944, every morning and evening, two nurses left the castle of the Countesses of Meeus in Vyle, the headquarters of the Red Cross in Bagatelle. Their goal was to visit the different platoons. The latter were mobilized around an open plain used for the precious parachuting of weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

We follow in their tracks from the Castle of Vyle for a 9km walk. So you can enjoy the fresh air and fascinating and moving stories.

© E.Keysers

An explanatory booklet of the memory trail walk is available online for more information on this expedition.

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Rue du ruisseau
4570  Vyle-et-Tharoul
Country Belgium
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