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Interwar period


Between the two great wars of the 20th century, life is hectic … During the Roaring Twenties, creativity and culture boom! However, new tragedies are looming on the horizon and people fear another conflict. In the Land of Memory, we learn about the stages of and reasons behind the mounting discord between European peoples.

Interwar thematic subjects

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Interwar period  Post War  

The Consequences of the War on Art

Les troupes britanniques de la 51e Division des Highlands défilent sur un pont-levis menant à Fort de Sainghain sur la ligne Maginot, le 3 novembre 1939.
Interwar period  Interwar period  

The Maginot Line and the Deveze Shelters

Le livre d
Interwar period  

European Projects in the Interwar Period

Photo prise à l
Interwar period  

The League of Nations

Troupes françaises dans la ville de Dortmund.
Interwar period  Interwar period  

The French Army of the Rhine and the Occupation of Rhineland

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