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Abbey/Convent of Cinqfontaines

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In the heart of the small village of Cinqfontaines, discover a place where more than 300 Jews passed through during the Second World War.

A monastery transformed into a place of transit before the extermination camps

View of the Abbey of Cinqfontaines.
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Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the convent housed a former monastery at the beginning of the war. In 1941, the Gestapo expelled the religious community from the premises. The building was then transformed into a camp where Jews passed through before being deported to concentration camps. More than 300 Jews passed through the doors of the convent in the space of two years.

After the Second World War, the convent resumed its original functions. However, in 1973, it closed its doors and was converted into a spiritual healing center and offers rooms for rent for events.

In front of the monument is a building dedicated to the memory of the Second World War victims. There are also historical explanations about the history of Cinqfontaines during the war.

Beyond its architectural beauty, this place is an essential stop on the route of remembrance tourism in the Ardennes. It’s a place with a rich past, an obligatory passage during a visit to the north of Luxembourg!

View of the Abbey of Cinqfontaines.
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