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Guided tour of Spa

We discover the role of the city of Spa during the First World War during a guided tour in period costume.

The city of Spa is known for its charms as a thermal spa. But it was also appreciated by German officers and Wilhelm II. Spa was host to a Red Cross hospital, a convalescence center for German soldiers, and the Kaiser’s headquarters. It was there that the Kaiser resided at the time of the surrender. It is also where the Germans and the Allies signed the protocol of reparations linked to the Treaty of Versailles.

We can immerse ourselves in this fascinating history during a guided tour in period costume (in French, English, Dutch, and German).

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To book, please email (groups@landofmemory.eu) or call +32 (0)4/279.69.80.

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4900 Spa
Country Belgium
Telephone +32 (0)4/279.69.80. 
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