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Piconrue Museum of the Great Ardennes and House of Legends

Travel in a poetic and legendary universe, enter into the daily life and beliefs of the Ardennes by visiting this instructive and interactive museum. Here, through the different ages of life, you will go through the great rites of passage and community life of the past.

Ardennes identities

Entrance to the museum in Piconrue

Objects of yesteryear and documents of the period will fuel the conversations between young and old. This is a must-see visit with representatives of several generations. You will understand even better the social and technological changes that have turned the lives of today’s Ardennes upside down.

Come and discover many surprising objects that will immerse you in the rich history of this particular region. Baptisms, first days of school, communion, military service, marriages, life was punctuated with the passing of time and seasons.

And the entrance ticket also gives you access to the temporary exhibitions and the House of Legends. Meet the fantastic characters that populate the stories that enthralled our great-grandparents.

Temporary exhibition at the museum

To conclude this visit, take advantage of the magnificent and relaxing setting of the old abbey and then go to the museum store where reading areas are available for visitors to continue their immersion in Ardennes culture.

Useful information

Place en Piconrue, 2
6600 Bastogne
Country Belgium
Telephone 00 32 (0) 61550055
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