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Alain Fournier and the fighting writers

Photo du cimetière dans lequel est enterré Alain Fournier.
Among the soldiers, teachers, bankers, bakers, letter carriers, engineers... there were also writers. Like Alain Fournier, many writers participated in the fighting of the First World War.

Among the soldiers, many writers participated in the Great War. In particular, we can mention Alain Fournier, Jean Giono, Charles Péguy, Maurice Genevoix and Louis Pergaud on the French side. Similarly, Edlef Köppen, Ernst Jünger and Gottfried Benn on the German side. The English poet Wilfred Owen fought on the British side.

Many died on the battlefield. Like Psichari, Péguy’s friend (son of the founder of the League of Human Rights), who died in Rossignol during the Battle of the Borders. In the Verdun area, Alain Fournier fell near Saint-Rémy-la Calonne. On the Eparges ridge, several memorial sites pay tribute to writers.

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