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The grand duchy of Luxembourg and the resistance

Bannière podcast 7
Discover the history of the Resistance in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the stories of its relentless fight against the occupier...

We sometimes tend to forget it, but the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was the home of stubborn resistance against the German occupier. Faced with the forced enlistment of thousands of young Luxembourgers into the German army, a fierce spirit of resistance was born. A double movement developed quickly developed. On the one hand, numerous clandestine missions were carried out to hide or evacuate the population. On the other hand, sabotage was used to disrupt German operations, similar to what their French and Belgian colleagues were doing.

An itinerary is dedicated to the resistance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the territory of the Land of Memory.

You can follow this route in the seventh episode of our podcast, dedicated to the Luxembourg resistance.

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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Resistance: the podcast

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