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Path of the Passers

Sentier des Passeurs.
Discover the highlights of the escape of Luxembourg resistance fighters and draft evaders. Their journey to Belgium took place on the Path of the Passers.

On the trail of the Luxembourg resistance fighters and draft evaders

Visit the Path of the Passers.
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The Path of the Passers is the actual route taken by heroes of the Second World War who brought the resistance fighters and other draft evaders to Belgium. This path was created to retrace and keep in memory these often forgotten heroic acts. As you walk along with it, you can imagine the hardships and adventures experienced in those times of war.

There are two circuits. Each of them starts at the Troisvierges train station. The northern loop includes trails used by the smugglers, and the southern loop tells of the resistance in the village of Sassel. The latter leads past the Auschwitz Monument in the Monastery of Cinqfontaines.

Since 2020, the municipality has renovated all panels allowing you to follow and immerse yourself in the reality of these smugglers. Walk in the footsteps of these heroes!

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Rue de la Gare
9906 Troisvierges
Country Luxembourg
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