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Bunker Trail

Hike through the beautiful Schlinder Valley and learn some more about WW II along the way. This mysterious trail leads to the remains of a bunker, which keeps the memory of this period alive.

A hike to the “Dosbaach” armored tunnel

The Bunker Trail is a thematic hike that starts from “Friedboesch.” After 2.4 km from the village of Schlindermanderscheid, we reach the Schlinder Valley. There, a small chapel awaits hikers for a moment of recollection.

Then, returning to the main path, we pass scenic locations such as “Furebierg” and “Lannebierg.” The next part of the trail leads to the “Hockslay” viewpoint, 50 m above the path, offering a magnificent view of the village of Kautenbach.

From there, the walk continues to the remains of a World War II bunker, a place where time seems to have stood still. Expect to find a panoramic view of the villages in the valley. Finally, the trail ends at another bunker, restored in 2016. In this bunker, 17 resistance fighters had installed an underground shelter called “Dosbaach” during the war. The bunker holds the memory of these heroes, where you can learn more of their secrets.

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