Schumannseck Remembrance Trail

Sentier du Souvenir au Schumannseck.
This trail leads us in the footsteps of a decisive encounter during the Battle of the Bulge: the breach of the German encirclement of Bastogne by American troops.

The breakthrough of the crossroads “Schumanns Eck”

On December 26, 1944, the 3rd American army led by General S. Patton Jr. organized a counter-attack on Bastogne while the Germans encircled it. The objective of the 26th Yankee Infantry Division was to make a breakthrough from the Schumanns Eck crossroads to Bras. Thus, the strategy was to surround the German troops to stop their advance. The fighting raged, with heavy losses on both sides of the battlefield.

However, the 26th division had to face the 9th “Volksgrenadier Division,” which slowed the American advance. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives in these confrontations. The front line froze for 15 days, like the war of attrition of the First World War.

On January 9, 1945, the “Yankees” and the 90th American division created a breach on the German front to take Berlé. On January 21, 1945, the town of Wiltz was finally liberated. The American 26th Division and the 6th Cavalry Group then took control of the area.

The Path of Remembrance leads to the monument called “Massegraf” (mass grave), erected on the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Luxembourg. It is located where German and American soldiers were temporarily buried during the war.

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